Bathroom Flooring Options You Need to Consider

Bathroom Flooring Options You Need to Consider

Aside from fixtures, flooring materials have the greatest effect on bathroom designs in Melbourne. Many scenarios can lead water to splash uncontrollably. It can be from the sink, due to leaks or clogged drains causing an overflow. Steam during hot water baths can also create humidity in the bathroom which moisten the walls and flooring. That’s why it’s important to choose the right bathroom flooring. More than aesthetics, it needs to be durable and waterproof to ensure lasting comfort and convenience. To help you decide which flooring to choose, here are some options you should look at:

Ceramic and Porcelain

These two materials are unsurprisingly the most common flooring option for bathroom makeovers in Melbourne as they are waterproof, cheaper, and easier to maintain. Ceramic and porcelain come with an endless array of choices from sizes, textures, colours, and designs


Another popular flooring option is vinyl due to its water-resistant feature, affordable price, and ease of installation. This is a less common recommendation of a bathroom renovation company if you want an instant facelift of your bathroom. You can choose from its different varieties like sheets, tiles, and planks. 


This type of flooring is usually found in homes with concrete slab foundations. It is highly adaptable as you can opt to paint, dye, polish or stamp the surface. Concrete flooring is completely impenetrable by water and has a lifetime expectancy. That’s why it’s deemed to be the strongest flooring material among the options. However, it is not a common practice to leave exposed or wax concrete within a bathroom; it can be slippery so you might need to place anti-slip mats or paint your floor with rubberised paint.


While wooden flooring is not usually the option, engineered timber flooring is still a somewhat-viable choice if you’re careful. Despite its reputation for short life span, engineered wood and Hybrid floorings can hold up well against moisture and other conditions but is also not common practice. On the other hand, solid hardwood should never be an option as it can rot even with layered topcoat protection.


If sustainability is a big deal for you, you should highly consider cork flooring. It has waterproof features and offers a comfortable underfoot. This material is a great choice for the bathroom as it has natural non-slip advantages due to its textured surface. Additionally, cork flooring can provide beautiful grain patterns that can satisfy your aesthetic preference. By resealing it every couple of years, this material can even last for a long time.

Natural Stone

Stones are naturally beautiful and durable. It exudes luxury and is the usual choice for homeowners who are trying to achieve this look in their bathrooms. However, while they look stunning, they are not entirely waterproof. For instance, limestone and travertine are softer and requires resealing every year. Harder stones such as granite and marble last up to five years before you need to reseal them. Natural stones are harder to maintain but generally lasts the longest time with correct care. So, if you don’t mind splurging, opting for natural stones can increase the resale value of your property.

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